Federal Funding Update for Mental Health and Addiction Programs

Recently, Congressional leaders passed a $1.3 trillion spending bill that set government funding through Sep. 30, 2018. The 2018 bill boosts federal health spending by about $10 billion, including increases for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and specifically dedicated opioid crisis funding.

The bill provides increased funding for mental health and addiction programs and rejects the cuts to key behavioral health care programs proposed in previous FY 2018 budget. Here is a summary of funding for key programs:


  • Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics (CCBHCs): Includes $100 million in new funding to support the ongoing Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic program active in eight states.
  • Primary and Behavioral Health Care Integration and Technical Assistance Center: $49 million, which is level funding compared to 2017.
  • Mental Health First Aid: $19 million, an increase of 5 million over 2017 funding level.
  • Mental Health Block Grant: $701 million, an increase of $160 million over 2017.
  • Substance Abuse and Prevention and Treatment Block Grant: $1.8 billion, which is $3.4 million more than 2017 funding.

We are waiting on further information on how SAMHSA and other agencies will allocate the new funding for CCBHCs and the other funded programs noted above.

A more detailed chart of mental health and addiction 2018 appropriations is available here and provided by The National Council of Behavioral Health.