Jones & Roth Integrates Strategic Design into New Eugene Headquarters

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Jones & Roth CPAs and Business Advisors recently debuted it’s newly designed office space at 260 Country Club Road in Eugene, Oregon. The project required extensive design and renovation work to complete the new headquarters. The space has been recognized for excellence as an example of strategically designed office space, and has received high praise from the Jones & Roth community.

We recently conducted a Q&A with Director of Operations Tricia Duncan, CPA, who led the project for Jones & Roth.


Q: Tricia, you were the lead for the design and construction of the new Jones & Roth office space. What motivated the firm to make a move?

A: We had been in our prior space for many years and have been looking for options to move for the past 5+ years. We wanted a space that had better workflow and enabled our team to have all levels integrate throughout the office. We were hoping for a light, professional, yet fun design.


Q: What was the state of the property and what was the scope for the design and construction project?

A: The 260 Country Club building was a full demo and rebuild. Prior to our taking over, the building had multiple tenants, including a bank with a large heavy vault that needed to be removed. Jones & Roth took over most of the building and one tenant, Evergreen Land & Title remained in their space.


Q: How did you choose an architect/design firm? What were you looking for?

A: We interviewed several contractors and architectural firms. We were looking for professionals that listened well, asked great questions and that were collaborative. We knew we needed guidance from them to get to where we wanted to go, but wanted to work with people that understood our needs through the process. We wanted a space that was welcoming for clients and guests – not intimidating or dark. We ended up working with 2form and are very happy with the end result.


Q: As you defined needs and priorities for the new space what were your top goals?

A: Our top goal was to have a more integrated workflow. Our prior office had our various levels of people in separate areas, and the workflow was broken up. The workflow needs are so different now than they were 20 years ago. Our priorities included:

  • Light and outside views for offices
  • Fun, yet professional décor
  • Flexible work space
  • Bigger, more welcoming break space


Q: What was the most challenging aspect of balancing the requests from your staff and the inevitable budget realities?

A: We would have liked to have all the bells and whistles the team suggested, but we did have a budget to follow. Functionality had to be the primary focus. We were able to create a beautiful, welcoming break room, have an outside seating area and create workspace that is open and full of light for almost all team members.


Q: The new space is amazing, what do your think will be the impact to staff, clients and the business community that interact with Jones & Roth?

A: We’ve already received such great feedback from the team and community about the friendliness and welcoming qualities the space inspires. I think the design does a good job of reflecting our fun, yet professional approach.


Q: What advice would you have for professional services firms looking to take on a similar project?

A: We did a lot of research before starting the process and put together the right team to handle all the components of the project. Start talking early about current functional and workflow needs, then talk about anticipated needs of the future (space, design, workflow).

Ask your team what would help them be more productive and successful in their job. What would make the space great for them? Get clear on the functional needs first — the architects will help you through the design process. Be open to the process.

Find a great contractor to work with from the start. McKenzie Commercial was invaluable through this process, helping us deal with budget concerns, construction issues that came up, and gave us great advice and things to think about to get through it all.


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