2018 Nonprofit Pay & Benefits Survey Now Open for Participation

2018 Nonprofit Pay & Benefits Survey Now Open for Participation

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Cascade Employers Association to sponsor their 2018 Nonprofit Pay & Benefits Survey. We recognize the need for real-time compensation and benefit information for the nonprofit community, and our hope is that this partnership will result in increased survey participation and improved accessibility to survey data.

Cascades Nonprofit Pay and Benefits Survey officially launched in February of 2017. In its first year, 118 local nonprofits participated, making the survey a valuable, reliable local resource throughout Oregon and SW Washington. This year, Cascade’s 2018 Nonprofit Pay and Benefits Survey launched March 1st and is open now for participation. It will survey over 250 nonprofit jobs and include over 100 benefit related questions.

As like-minded organizations, we have long recognized the importance of smart business decisions for all organizations when it comes to human capital, and this is just as true for the nonprofit world. It is our belief that sponsoring Cascade’s 2018 Nonprofit Pay and Benefits Survey will help to create and promote the information and services available to nonprofits. This will help to increase nonprofit’s visibility as not only mission-driven but equally business minded.

To learn more, or to participate, please visit Cascade’s 2018 Nonprofit Pay & Benefits Survey webpage. The survey will be open for participation on March 1st and results will be published in June.

About Cascade Employers Association
Cascade Employers Association is a member-based resource for over 430 Northwest employers committed to developing a strong, vital workforce. Cascade works with organizations who know a prosperous business is built on their people and offers services from hiring well, to training for excellence, to navigating compliance obligations.