Oregon CCBHC Program Successes to Date

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Now that we are about a quarter of the way through the 2-year demonstration program, the National Council for Behavioral Health surveyed  Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics (CCBHCs) to find how they have been able to expand and improve services. The National Survey results show that when community behavioral health clinics are incentivized to provide evidence-based care and provided compensation that adequately covers their cost of doing business, they can provide access to care in their communities.

According to the National Council for Behavioral Health, CCBHCs are increasing access to mental health and addiction treatment; expanding capacity to address the opioid crisis; collaborating with partners in hospitals, jails, prisons and schools; and attracting and retaining qualified staff who offer science-based, trauma-informed services – often on the same day patients present for care. Click to see results from the 8 Oregon CCBHC’s that responded to the survey.

Noteworthy results from the Oregon CCBHC survey:

  1. 172 new staff positions have been hired by Oregon CCBHC’s because of the program. Oregon CCBHC’s are able to recruit and maintain better and more diverse positions and credentials.
  2. Some Oregon CCBHCs reported doubling of provider time with clients.
  3. 75% of Oregon CCBHC reported an increase in new clients that had pre-existing conditions that were previously untreated.
  4. Oregon CCBHC’s have expanded programs to assist in opioid treatment
  5. The majority of Oregon CCBHC’s are experiencing:
  6. Improved outreach
  7. New technologies supporting more efficient and effective care
  8. Same day access implementation and protocols
  9. New care programs and partnerships with schools, veterans, and criminal justice systems
  10. Expanded crisis care capacity

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